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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 30, 2003 || 12:46 am

Did you know that if you have your left hand mispositioned (that a word, y’all?) on the keyboard while your right hand is properly situated and you try to type the word ‘does’, it will come out as ‘ford’? There’s a greater meaning in that somewhere. Somebody find it for me.

Also, don’t you LOATHE it when you tell somebody something and they just can’t get it through their thick fucking skull(s), no matter how many times you say it, no matter what the manner of delivery (from delicate to RRRRROUGH)? And people wonder why there is such gnashing of teeth. To that I say “PFFFT!”

I do. I say “PFFFT!” With three effs. Which, numerically, is ‘666′, and don’t even get me started on that nonsense.

pee ess…I’ve been threatening people with a ball peen hammer lately. Say it with me: “WHERE’S MAH BAWL PEEEN HAMMUR?” Fun, yes?

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  1. Robert 1.30.2003

    Since I am new to this whole blog thing, I have been playing with the template and the HTML stuff-and-such, and I just wanted to point out that at the moment, from toolin’ and foolin’ with my colors, 3 f’s bring to mind 3 16’s rather than sixes….

    Just trying to further complicate matters, should you go for numerological explanations ;)

  2. dave 1.30.2003

    loathe this, sweetie. i’ve got yer ball peen right *here*.

  3. Jett 2.1.2003

    Robert: matters are complicated enough around here without people compounding them!!

    Suckhead, er, I mean Dave: My ball peen is bigger’n YOURS, toots.


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