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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 2, 2003 || 1:20 am

Things of importance I have learned in the last twelve hours:

  • Mac OS rocks solid, true, and through-and-through. Feature-rich and easily navigated, I could become a techno’tard convert in no time at all.
  • Geeks find manual labor fascinating. A passel of them came by Eric and Laura’s new house to find her in one room with the gigunda sander and me in another room staining the newly-sanded floors a deep, glowing cherry color (Eric was, like a good manbitch, at the liquor store procuring the fiiiiine takillya). They took turns clustering around both doorways, saying, “Cooooool, this is so cooool, man.”
  • Drunk is as drunk does (OKAY, I learned this one long ago, but I am just getting around to telling you).
  • If you can’t burn a cd while drunk, you’re a weakling. So sayeth erique, anyway.
  • Have you the brain worms!?!” Invader fucking Zim fucking ROCKS. why didn’t you people inform me of this thing at an earlier date?? SHAME! Shame on YOU!
  • The geeks admire Creative Cussingtm skillz. When I traipsed across the vinyl kitchen flooring in my cherry-stained socks without thinking twice about it, leaving dainty cherry footprints all about, I said through clenched teeth, “Sonofa…” and then scream-wailed, “FUUUCKKK!!!” in fine fashion. The geeks exploded with glee, claiming this to be their favorite expletive EV. ER: “SonofaFUCK! ….I’m using that from now on, man!”
  • It only takes a couple hours of driving, some spicy Indian cuisine (essentially, huge chunks of lamb with liberal amounts of mint sauce and cilantro) and a visit to the great satan to make me feel some semblance of human and connected to the world again.
  • The Johnny Cash rendition of NIN’s ‘Hurt’ is exceptionally moving and the video punches you in the visceral gut. Jeezus, Johnny, when’ja get so old, and when did June get so fucking sad?
  • Apple-button-plus ‘C’. then Apple-button-plus ‘V’…fuck control!!!
  • The stars in the clear Georgia sky coupled with the sounds of a wailing train in the crisp winter air are delicious in the early ay emm hours. Hanging off a balcony puffing away only intensifies the effect.
  • Never paint your mobile phone into a corner, on a virtually unreachable shelf, when you think that you may be in the throes of a good, solid drunk later on and will want to call your smarmy InterWeb friends and share your vast store of wisdom.
  • Speaking of VAST, I missed those motherfuckers. I lost the CD long ago, far away, in some long-forgotten incident and was able to burn it fresh tonight. Hooray for the digital pirate!
  • Cable internet means that I get all my surfing done in twenty minutes rather than two hours!! What the fuck am I supposed to do with all this free fucking time??
  • Big Daddy Eric is reminding me that we will have to roll out of bed for more home improving in a mere six hours, and that I “should go to bed”, so I will take his very sage advice lest I should be a grumpy so-and-so at said time.

    Live free and die purty, mighty Superior Muffinasses, and beer and sausages for everyone (even you sober, steadfast types)!

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    1. laura 2.2.2003

      ::cries:: i miss the cupcake!

    2. Unxmaal 2.3.2003

      And now you’re back home, and I’m left with a Dasani water bottle on the top shelf of my linen closet, and the strangest bar of soap I’ve ever seen, in my bathtub.

      Is it XO or OX soap?

    3. Tara 2.3.2003

      Sonofafuck = best creative curse ever.

      Then again, creative cursing is quite my forte.

    4. Jett 2.6.2003

      Tara: of course, my dear, because we blue-eyed gals are birdsofafeather.

      Unx: actually, it’s YAK soap. all those letters just wouldn’t fit. and you can drink the water. you don’t have to save it for me.

      Laroid: *smothers her in kisses* *nominates her for the COOLEST. GIRL. EVERRRR. award*


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