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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 2, 2003 || 2:37 am

Wouldn’t it fall under the heading of “Most Excellent” if those deplorable fucks who were already selling shuttle debris on eBay got some of the contaminated bits and died a horrible, agonizing death within forty-eight hours (the predicted time of expiration after contact with said materials)??

I, for one, think that would be entirely awesome. What the fuck are these people thinking?? Are their bank accounts so paltry that they must capitalize on the suffering of others?

Same goes for all the silly fucks that were calling various news shows throughout the day to give their firsthand, eyewitness accounts: “Uh, yayuh, Ah seen more’n one smoke trayull inna skiiiiigh.”

I mean, fuuuuck me.

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  1. waistdog 2.2.2003

    I enjoyed the ranch hand that they interviewed for five minutes only to discover that he hadn’t seen nuthin’ ’cause it was foggy.

    While his boss lady bragged about the size of her spread, and number of prize winning cows she had.

    The sad thing about people selling this stuff on e-bay, is that there’s someone out there who’ll buy it.

  2. Steph 2.2.2003

    Exactly what I was thinking. Thank you for putting it so eloquently. :-)

  3. April Love 2.2.2003

    That truly saddens me.

  4. April Love 2.3.2003

    I saw on CNN today that Ebay is removing those items from there site and they’re working with the FBI to prosecute said douche-bags.

    Just so you guys know.

  5. ChristoCarto 2.3.2003

    Heeey, PURTY…I’m Headin’ on down to tha moonshine still….you wantin’ me to bring ya back a mason jar full? You fucking GODDESS!

  6. Johnny T 2.4.2003

    But what about all the people who want the shuttle peices? Aren’t they bugger faces also? No one would sell it if no one would buy it.

  7. GnOme-girl 2.4.2003

    girl I was so disgusted when I read that shit this weekend and I wished evil thoughts to all them greedy bastards :)


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