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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 5, 2003 || 7:24 pm

I dint ween no steenkeen lottarhee.

Still, I wonder how anyone can question the existence of God when I found the shoe sale that I lucked upon today. I was, in all actuality, prepared to zoom in, plink down forty bucks for new softball cleats for Scout –maybe some socks, as well– and zoom on out. As it turns out, we spent nearly two hours in that place trying on shoes, all because the lady behind the counter chirped merrily, “Hi girls! Everything in the store is fifty percent off today!”

The store is a clearance store for an entire chain, so everything is name-brand and marked down healthily anyway. YAY! YAY FOR CLEARANCE STORES HAVING SALES!

I got a pair of buttery squared-toed leather boots for seventeen bucks (regular price, $105), Sam’s football cleats for the fall rang in at fifteen dollars (formerly $75), lo-quarter leather Cons (gooooo, OneStars!!!) for me were ten bucks, and Scout’s Converse slides were seven dollars. Sandals! Little straw sandals with little dangly cherries! For two dollars (so we both got a pair)! Shiny patent leather wingtips with soles as thick as my head for fifteen!

*contented sigh* I get to go back again tomorrow, so I can take Sam along. Unfortunately for poor Mathias, all the shoes in his size were quite hideous.

But for me, those blood red pumps are on the agenda. And those maroon satin tap shoes. Yee!

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  1. April Love 2.5.2003

    You know what a whore I am for shoes. How could this have happened without my knowledge. I’m losing my touch. I didn’t smell the bargain shoes around the corner.

  2. The Fancy Llama 2.5.2003


    Just for the lottery though. Otherwise you’re off the proverbial hook.

  3. Suzanne 2.6.2003

    Why do I find myself salivating while reading this post? (Me who actually pays for a temperature controlled storage room to house my ‘off season’ shoes cuz I don’t have room in my house for ALL of ‘em!) I’m soooo jealous right now!!!

    With a sale like that, I could see myself (in the privacy of my own home no doubt) laying all the shoes out on my bed and rolling in them nekkid, while laughing manically! Just a thought…albeit a scary one!

  4. waistdog 2.6.2003


    Don’t tell Skits.

    Fran will lose her back to ‘bammy.

  5. Jett 2.6.2003

    waisty: I don’t think Francisco has much to worry about….aside from the random shoe sale, Hellabammer hasn’t much to offer.

    Suze: stahhhhhp! yer scaaaaring me!

    Llamallamadingdong: like knows like. STAND BACK, FOR I HAVE CHEESE SLICES AND AM NOT AFRAID TO FLING THEM!

    April: I’d have told you, but you suffer from the same emptaneous pursitis that I do.


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