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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 6, 2003 || 1:14 am

I was trying to find the perfect gift for the necrophiliac clown porn lover’s birthday, but I couldn’t “dig up” anything.

Ah well, Happy Birthday, melly (you tart). I tried to mail you some vino but the sots at the post office drank it all before I could get the box taped snugly. Those fuckers.


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  1. waistdog 2.6.2003

    I had myself all packaged up to send to her.

    But I kept giggling when they’d try to pick up the box.

    Plus I realized I didn’t know her address.

    It just said Melly/Texas.

    I’m still here.

    But I sent her an e-mail.

  2. Jett 2.6.2003

    Poor waistdog. FOILED AY-GAIN!

    Oh, if only you’d have a crush on me the likes of which you have on melly…

  3. gnome-girl 2.6.2003

    oh shit was that meant for Melly???

    I’m sorry but my alcholic side just couldn’t resist. I’ll make it up to ya next time I’m in your area k?

    thanks your such a good sport



  4. waistdog 2.6.2003

    But Jett……you don’t know that I don’t.

    It COULD be that her state is just easier to spell.

  5. melly 2.6.2003

    I’m sober, but not for long!


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