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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 10, 2003 || 2:04 pm

Got an e-mail this weekend from Alex Dezen of them thar Damnwells:

we’re coming back to b’ham!! feb 24th at the nick!! with an instore at Lazer’s Edge[sic] at 5pm on the same day.

are you guys coming or what?

wanna help do promo and stuff? we’ll give y’all free shit!!

My reply was, of course, a big ‘HELL YEAH’, ‘free shit’ notwithstanding. Don’t get me wrong, shhhhhwag is always cool, but for good music I’ll forego the free stuff and being put on the list and the like. Now, if they insist, who am I to deprive a giver of the blessing of giving?? I’m really looking forward to this show! I’ll smuggle in the camera and try to snag some decent shots while the fellas are at it.

So me, I’ll be the girl in close proximity (crawlin’ on the floor, perhaps?) to the stage saying ‘fuck’ a lot whilst fondling a camera and several shots of tequila.

If you’re in Mississippi, the boys will be at Proud Larry’s (a better-than-worthy venue in Oxford) on the 21st.

Hey, check out the laconic Onion a.v. club interview with Alex here.

On a related note, Chip Midnight of Atomic Ned and Swizzle-Stick fame and fortune has moved it on up to the East Side; you can now find Chip at this addy. The digs are pretty spanky. COMMENTS, Chip, you need a COMMENTS system. And tell Kate that I await some sign of her blogwords.

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  1. gnome-girl 2.10.2003

    can’t wait to see the pictures (providing you don’t get arrested or anything ;) )

    drink some tequilla for me girly :)

  2. chip 2.10.2003

    Okay, so no COMMENTS system but you’re always welcome to leave a message on the message board.



  3. duffy 2.17.2003

    Hey hey hey. Yeah, you can show Chip your love in our message board. In fact, here’s the direct link to his dark corner: http://www.donewaiting.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=11

    He needs love, show him!


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