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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 10, 2003 || 4:23 pm

Continents have drifted into neighboring hemispheres in the time that it takes my ass to compose any given blog post. That’s not to say that I’m a slow writer, but rather that I’m a fucking retardedly disgracefully slothful writer.

–Dan from Force The Goose (Goose The Force?? What the fuck?)

Dan’s words are tasty. I’m not sure about Dan himself, though; as of yet I’ve not seen his abs.

Also, Angie wants to kiss me and I her. It’s not a lesbine thang, it’s a sistah thang. I linked her the first minute my eyes crawled her ragey, foul-mouthed (sound familiar?) blog. God bless free speech, and God bless angsty mothers. And angsty muthas, too.

The interweb is so full of wordy goodness. For every twenty thirty kewl f1fteen yr. old kitty-lovin’, hoody-wearin’ illiterates, there’s someone nifty worth reading. And appreciating. And licking whipped cream off of.


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  1. Angie 2.10.2003

    Same could be said about you, my dear. It was love at first read.

    Many thanks for the kisses.


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