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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 10, 2003 || 9:59 pm

Jesus Holy Savior In A Tomb, just when you thought you’d seen everything (and I mean everything)…

G.I. Joe Fanfic.

And because I had such trouble with the grok (grokking? grokation?) of this one, I just had to google that fucker.

That’s it. Everybody write me a G.I. Joe story!

UPDATE, five minutes later: ALRIIIIGHT NOW, there’s no excuse for what this search yielded up: The Young Ones fanfic featuring Rick (“Wiiii-iiiiick!”) and Vyvyan getting it on. Can we just leave the rest of my personal happy-go-lucky LaLaLand intact? Can we??

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  1. Tim 2.11.2003
  2. Johnny T 2.11.2003

    If only you knew how difficult leaving comments are you would never ask me to write a G.I.Joe story. I just spent the last 15 minutes trying to think of one and came up with zilch. Thanks! I could have been staring out the window for those 15 minutes.

  3. waistdog 2.11.2003

    The woman has red headlights?

  4. Jett 2.12.2003

    waisty: I don’t know!!! I didn’t read it! YOU READ IT??

    Johnaaay: why is the whole comments-leaving thing difficult for you? I’m here to accomodate.

    timato: when you call me ‘bitsy’, you must do it with jaw clenched and with a snobbish, fresh-off-the-cape drawl.

  5. Tim 2.12.2003

    Jaw-clenching makes muh head hurt, and I ain’t been in no cape ‘less’n you count tyin’ tee shirts round my neck and runnin’ hither an’ yon in my unnerwear. That was what…a week ago, mebbe?


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