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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 13, 2003 || 2:06 am

Ahhh, Jeebus and His Holy Momma. I bet you couldn’t get a nod or a plug nickel from the ignert bastards behind this if you were four days past due a meal, but the Great Entertainment Travesty has got them all socially concious and ready to overturn corporate fucking America.

Entertainment industry, the great uprising of fourteen-year-old mentality has commenced! Take heed and give the throaty (pun absolutely intended) gal a record deal!

And don’t forget the requisite nudie, cum-guzzling shots somewhere in the liner notes.

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  1. mikey 2.13.2003

    ok, the woman’s got an incredible voice, but… people! give me a mothafuckin break! get a freakin life!

  2. c 2.13.2003

    who da phuck es frenchie?

    gimmie mah liquer B! the damn interneck is leevin me behine


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