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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 13, 2003 || 3:35 pm

Apparently I am a dirtybird and the United States Air Force doesn’t approve of me.

By visiting this site, by the very act of your being here, you are mired in my muck and that means that by association they don’t approve of you either. I am unacceptable by some government standard and I’m dragging you along for the ride…wheeeee!

Grand, isn’t it??

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  1. gnome-girl 2.13.2003

    well what does that mean for the rest of us??? will they ban us all??? will we have to live in hiding for the rest of our lives??? omg I fear the big man but hey while they’re banning us can you go vote for me in the nude bloggies award :)


  2. waistdog 2.13.2003

    We shall all become stealthy.

    And fly under their radar.

    Or over their heads.

  3. Sean McEntee 2.13.2003

    OSAN still loves you! I can still access this site, it’s one of the only ones I CAN access…. grumble… But it is good to be reading your stuff again.


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