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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 14, 2003 || 12:31 am

Last night I followed a link in my referral log to this blog, where I noticed something that had the scent of maybe a little nifty all over it.

When I got there, I was peeking around and decided to look in on the green, which landed me here. I saw this post and clicked on the link it contained. I sat there reading, marinating in a strange mixture of horror and amazement (some of the bot’s interjections were downright eerie).

As I wasn’t sure whether or not this was a work of fiction, I headed to the source, namely the blog, and I followed the archives to find this post.

So it’s all too real and I’m wondering why I didn’t hear about it sooner, and why I am saddened and surprised to find that (YET AGAIN) people have, ultimately, what they perceive as their own best interests at heart….I should have this particular lesson down fucking pat.

And this kid’s dead. Maybe they could have saved him, maybe they couldn’t have. They sure as fuck didn’t try very goddamned hard.

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  1. Tim 2.14.2003

    That’s just some fucked up shit. And having everyone call you stupid when you’re dead? That just sucks.

  2. gnome-girl 2.14.2003
  3. Connie 2.14.2003

    I heard about it on my local news a few weeks back… I looked it up online and just got physically ill reading it… ugh

  4. tel 2.14.2003

    I’ll tell you later.

  5. April Love 2.15.2003

    Oh my god. That is about the most disturbing thing I have ever read. I think that I might vomit.


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