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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 15, 2003 || 7:55 pm

I’ve stayed away from commentary on this whole war business quite markedly and on purpose, despite a handful of people e-mailing me and asking me my position (quite prone, I assure you, and that has more to do with the voices in my head than the ones coming in over the airwaves) on the current state of affairs. Some of them have been Americans, but most are not. I can understand their curiosity, I can understand them wanting an ‘inside opinion’, as it were.

Let me assure you, I’m a political retard. When it comes to politics and current events and mathematics, I am a self-admitted inferior being. I’m patently ignorant in these arenas. I know certain things as a result of my military affiliations, but most people aren’t truly interested in the things that come from this knowledge, because with me it emerges as a strange mix of heart and common sense. There is too much of one in all the standing arguments already as well as a conspicuous lack of the other, so I’m just here to lend some practical information.

For the record, I don’t recall seeing what I’m about to say mentioned anywhere else, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. Is everyone too afraid to speak it for fear that they may actualize it?

Number one, we are foolish as a country. All of us. The quasi-liberals, the fence-riders, the pseudo right and the extremists from both left and right trains of thought. We are taking this debate to a fever pitch and each segment of the populace is far too frenzied to resemble anything close to reasonable. It’s like everyone has flipped the internal bypass switch, the one that re-routes thinking from the cranium to the ass.

We, ultimately, are doing more harm to ourselves from the inside than any ole baddie riding the crest of a sand dune from the outside ever could. You don’t think they prefer it that way, our purported enemies, our most ardent detractors? They are dancing with glee atop an American flag over our vile behaviours toward one another. Who the fuck needs to bomb us when we are so psychologically impaired??

Number two, we are foolish in our way of thinking. Despite all the yaysayers and naysayers chest-beating and rending their garments and crying out that those on the other side of the argument are wrong, nobody has come to the conclusion that the world turned a corner several months back. We were ‘made an example of’….why is nobody considering the very real fact that a war could visit us right here on our shores? That blood could be spilled by that stopsign down there on the corner, that your local daycare facility could become a central command post? I think, by and large, we deceive ourselves and have perhaps done so for a very long time.

Number three, buy up all the fucking bottled water you want. It can be consumed one way or the other and may, in fact, come in handy for camping trips and afternoons at the gym and such. It’s a worthy investment.

But that plastic sheeting? That duct tape? Won’t help you one fucking bit in case of a chemical attack. By the time you are told to use it, the air around you will very well be contaminated. Even if it isn’t, some visqueen ain’t gonna keep your home free of the germies. You need to have a hazmat suit, a decontamination shower and a well-stocked, hermetically-sealed room with piped-in air. Maybe a little Muzak, too, for old time’s sake and general psychological well-being. You got all that covered?

Now think about this: that plastic and tape might function real well as the makings of a few haphazard, hastily-crafted bodybags (the government is SURE not gonna tell us all to run out for some shovels and a couple bags of lime per person. Folks would show us the very definition of panic then). I’m betting that the people who are shitting their pants and buying up the plastic are not of the ilk to play coroner. So, my advice for the day is that if you think you may not have the stomach to be burrito-ing up the dead nice and solid, don’t buy the plastic. Leave it to the hardier segment of the populace.

Or leave it to the government to spend their change, the change that the assrapers skin off of your hardworking back, on proper bodybags.

If you stock up on the plastic and tape, though, go ahead and put the lime on your Home Depot charge card. Just in case. You heard it here first.

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  1. waistdog 2.16.2003

    I thought some Hefty bags, and twist ties, would be more practical.

    We could bag ourselves up, and place our shaking butts out by the curb for the trash pickup.

    America is THE punk country.

    The big kid on the block.

    And just like punks, our leaders, and powers that be, are chickenshit.

    We’ll attack anyone that doesn’t do as WE say.

    Unless of course they’re a big scary country. Then we’ll pretend they’re not there.

    A war on terrorism, is a war against a few nut bars, that can come from ANY country. Even our own.

    It’s sad that the people that live in all the different countries, have to be in peril because of a few power hungry, money hungry asshole wack jobs that run the show.

    Punks on the street, need to be knocked down a few notches, before they learn that they’re not that tuff, or smart.

    I just hope the people that live here, don’t have to suffer too much, before our idiot brain dead money grubbing motherfucker leaders, figure it out.

    Bush is easy to hate.

    He’s a moron.

    But he’s also just the public puppet.

    The little dancing bear, given to us as a smoke screen, for the big business that REALLY runs the country.

    Peace marches are fine and dandy.

    They give everyone a feeling of togetherness.

    But until someone puts a gun to the head of the powers that be, and tells them to stop it…..we’re all just biding our time.

  2. Jett 2.19.2003


    I’ve not heard that word in a long while. I think I’ll wrap my personal vernacular right the fuck around it.


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