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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 19, 2003 || 10:40 pm

Listen up, fuckknuckle! If you’re gonna walk in the dead of oh-dark-thirty wearing black clothing, then you have absolutely no right to get peevish and indignant with me because I nearly hit you with the supersexy little Saturncar.

Besides, I think that the world could do without one more dipdoodle, and wearing dark clothing while walking on a darkened road after the sun –of all things– plink-plinks beyond the horizon firmly plants you in dipdoodle territory, thankyouveryMUCH.

Anybody got any suggestions as to a good, RELIABLE site tracker, hmmmm? Sitemeter is about to have to kiss the southbound end of a northbound Jett Superior. They’ve got more downtime lately than the panties at Mustang Ranch (before the last hurrah, I meant…).

This girl has a teddy bear with a dorky name and her own moniker is ‘Ashlyn’. ASHLYN! She needs to explain to me why she feels comfortable making lame jokes about the stupidity level of Hellabamians (I can bitch about it all I like…I fucking have to LIVE here) when she has a name like that.

I’d like to know why anyone would do this. Just to annoy me?? Or mayhap, gentle reader, it annoys you too? WHY PUBLISH IT IF I CANNA RRRRREAD IT, COPTIN?

And, whaaaaa?”

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  1. Tim 2.20.2003

    You are not allowed to say “oh dark thirty” unless you are in the barracks. I think “buttfuckincrackadawn” sums it up nicely.

  2. cal 2.20.2003

    yeah – http://www.xav.com/scripts/axs/ – runs on your own server. pretty good.

  3. trish 2.20.2003

    Retarded is right. Use a spell checker before you insult green BOW Ala BAM a!

  4. Suzanne 2.20.2003

    For those soon to procreate, how about checking the Institute for Naming Children Humanly website before naming your kid something stupid like Ashlyn.

    Unfortunately I now feel compelled to write dreamy-eyed-foolish-naive-girlchild Ashlyn a little email explaining to her that sororities are not ‘where you belong’… but who you belong to. Who said money can’t buy friends for 4 years?

  5. Nikki 2.21.2003

    Not certain exactly what you are looking for but GoStats.com has pretty good service, it’s free, not certain what other features you get if you pay. Gets you a counter, has the browser stats, IP address & referring pages of your visitors. Hope that helps!

  6. sarabella 2.21.2003


    it’s just to piss us off

  7. April Love 2.24.2003

    Ok, it’s official I am platonically in love with Suzanne after the sorority comments. Good Times!


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