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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 19, 2003 || 11:47 pm

Presently I am eating a lime fruit juice bar, delectable in its own little frozen way, a small slice of happiness in an otherwise fairly shitty world. That’s what it’s all about: Small slices of happiness where you can find them, savoring them with as much of yourself as you can muster in ass-chewing times.

So I’m all about the frozen lime goodness, and were you people here I’d share one with each of you. I’d pass out lime fruit juice bars to the lot of you’ns (unless, of course, you prefer raspberry) and we’d sit in a circle and sing songs and make fun of one another in a snarky-but-not-unkind way. We’d laugh, for a time, and if you wanted we could cry, too. Or you could cry and I could pat you, as I’m no good with tears unless I’m in the throes of a solid block of R.E.M. sleep or watching a movie with even the slightest hint of sappy….everybody knows that when the tough chicks go, they go hard and they go alone.

Everyone could bring their favorite comfort food and most prized brand of spirits (or Kind Bud, if you prefer…I’d dig out and dust off the RedBong just for youuuu) and there would be ample room to talk without fear of being interrupted by No-Listening Bastardstm because I would eject said Bastards post-haste and in a fashion that would totally make your day. You would laugh and cheer and I’d say, somewhat humbly, “I’m Jett Superior. That’s just what I do.”

Or we could, y’know, pick boogers and flick them at one another.


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  1. jane 2.20.2003

    Girl… I’d bring over some frozen fudge pops and Haagen Daaz Orchard peach sorbet (MY favorite frozen comfort foods) to share with ya’ll. ;-)

  2. waistdog 2.20.2003

    You break our the RedBong, and we’re going to need more food.

  3. gnome-girl 2.20.2003

    I’m so there!!! :)

  4. The Fancy Llama 2.20.2003

    I can dig it.

    I truly felt comforted by this post. I’m in a happy mood because of it. And because I found a house.

    Now, I’m going to go hang out with my kind bud.

    No no no, my nice friend.

    Ok, maybe both.

    I hope.

    I’m done, I promise.

  5. The Fancy Llama 2.20.2003

    Ok, I know I am done, but I wanted to update my url before I forgot next time. Later.

  6. c 2.20.2003

    actually B, I live off small slices of happiness…

    if it weren’t for those, I’d pretty much be fucked.



  7. Nikki 2.21.2003

    I was feeling all warm and cuddly until the threat of a booger war broke out. ::hides under desk in fear::

  8. Jess 2.21.2003

    I’d bring the kleenex and the smiles. chicken noodle soup and frozed chocolate covered bananas! not mixed of course.

  9. sarabella 2.21.2003

    Oh what a lovely party this sounds like!!! Please let me know when it will be happening, and I will be there! It’s like utopia for parties.

    I’ll bring good karma and vignettes of insight to share with all.

  10. April Love 2.23.2003

    Good Times. ChristoCarto and I will provide entertainment. Sound like a plan??


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