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|| February 1, 2003 || 12:42 pm || Comments (3) ||

SAM: Heyyyy Momma…

JETT: Yes?

SAM: Can I have one of them Twinkie things in the snack jar?

JETT: It’s one of those things in the snack jar, and they’re Zingers, not Twinkies.

JETT: And yes, you may.

:: pause ::

SAM: Momma, is there a lesson in everything?

:: ::: :: ::: ::

Heading out to good ole Hotlanta to see the mightymighty geek and the vegetarian hottie. The geek has promised that he’ll let me move cartons of assorted toys and household items from one set of four walls to another, newly-purchased set of four walls. As a reward he may let me use the sander (mmmmm-mmmmm…). Word is that if I do that well and quickly enough, I get to get high on polyurethane fumes. For free. There was Thai food mentioned, as well.

The hottie has promised mugaritas (MUGARITAS!!) regardless of all else. Can you guess who my favorite is??

On my way home I intend to stop at a slovenly gas emporium somewhere. The kind that has a layer of dirt older than me and a paper gaming parlor attached. You know, where people in sweatpants and cardigans and knock-off Reebok aerobic hightop shoes congregate to chain smoke and play with scratch-and-sniffs -offs.

Yep, y’all, I’m gonna buy me some scratch-offs, and I’ll prolly even commit a sawbuck to the big lottery, depending on how my mojo feels. Leave numbers, if you wish. I’ll be back eventually.