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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 4, 2003 || 4:59 pm

I just spent about two-thousand dollars on items in the Ross-Simons sale catalog (Italian Pewter flatware! Estruscan ring! …among other things). It took all of seven minutes to do so.

It was all spent in my head, but still…I spent that shit. And I saved sixty-five percent offa retail!

But again…in my head.

Fuck you, Poverty. I’ve got about all the character I can stand.

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  1. waistdog 3.4.2003

    I have an imaginary set of flatware, too

    But I paid full price for mine.

  2. tel 3.4.2003

    to hell with poverty. we’ll get drunk on cheap wine.

    but i don’t like wine, so…it will have to be the killing that makes us happy!

  3. gnome-girl 3.4.2003

    well look at it this way at least you didn’t have to return anything :-P

  4. the mighty jimbo 3.4.2003

    money may well be the root of all evil, but it’s not having any that fertilizes that root.

    poverty sucks. the best day of your life is the day you don’t worry about money anymore.

  5. Jettomatika 3.4.2003

    waisty: that’s cause you don’t shop in MY head. what a marvelous place it is!

    tel: such a shame. I have all the cheap wine you could shake a stick at / kill yerself with. but who wants to shake a stick at wine anyway?

    gnomey: your positive spin on life sickens me….get thee behind me, optimism! >:o)

    jimbo: said like a man who’s ready to send me a check with an odd integer and lots of zeroes behind it….whip out the pen, ole boy!

  6. Jane 3.4.2003

    OMG… woman, that is my second-favorite kind of shopping. I am subscribed to all sorts of catalogs just for the “window shopping”.

  7. delmer 3.4.2003

    Just because you are a character, doesn’t mean you HAVE character.

  8. Jettomatika 3.4.2003

    jane: see? SEE?? there you go with that infernal optimism again. I just yelled at someone for that, you know. >:o)

    del: despite being my friend and legal counsel, you’re a douche.

    whether you are plain ole vinegar and water or a field of freshly-dampened-by-spring-rain-steeped-with-strawberries meadow flowers, I do not yet know. and if you’ve never run out to purchase douchey things you will totally not get the magnitude of funny that feminine-freshness product reference is loaded with.

  9. ali 3.4.2003

    Retail therapy at its very best!

  10. tel 3.5.2003

    I thought del was a goatfucker…now I’m confused…more.

  11. the olive 3.5.2003

    I like ‘em.

  12. delmer 3.5.2003


    I am neither of your douchie d’jour delacacies..I am the pregnancy scared teenager post coitus Coca Cola douche.

    oh yes, and let’s just pretend that you caught that my post was a quote from Pulp Fiction….


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