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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 6, 2003 || 12:42 am

Look, it may be an Ugly Thing To Saytm, but Mister Rogers being dead means that he never tapes another episode of that godforfuckingsaken show.

Maaaaan alive (pun not directly intended, but pretty spiffy nonetheless), did I hate that fucking show, even as early as the discerning age of four.

“NOT MISTER ROGERS!!!” I’d shout, pumping my ribbon-bowed Mary Janes against the floor (I was a tap goddess, didn’t you know?). The skirts of my flouncy, too-expensive dresses were wadded in agony by my little fists: “NOT MISTER ROGERS! PUT ON ELECTRIC COMPANY! HEEEEEEyyyyyy YOUUUUUUU GUUUUUUUUuuuuuyyyyssss!!! ARE YOU LISTENING?? NO! MISTER! ROGERS!!!”

Thankfully, and unlike the here and now, they didn’t medicate kids as a routine matter of course back in those days.

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  1. delmer 3.6.2003

    they didn’t?

    man…you must be way older than I originally guessed….

    seriously, my mother was told by my (younger) brother’s preschool teacher that he should be medicated for being hyperactive..this was back in 73 or 74. the funny parts to the story is shortly after the woman said that, she was comitted to the local mental institution. To make the irony even greater..somewhere in his pre teen years my “hyperactive” brother became about as active as a tree sloth.

    And for the record, I never gave a damn about mr rogers either…capt. kangaroo and mr green jeans…that was where it was at.

  2. April Love 3.6.2003

    I hate that the ole guy is deceased, but I hated that damn show as well. Thanks to the big guy for no more cardigans.

  3. Matthew Rossi 3.6.2003

    “Forever will we be hollow/ Forever we will be” – Project 86, Hollow Again

    I did not know Fred Rogers.

    I won’t pretend I care one way or the other that he died. I didn’t watch his show. It never had any sort of impact or feeling for me.

    I feel for his children and his other loved ones. I feel for those who feel the loss of him.

    Otherwise, I do not have the emotional charge to spare for Fred Rogers. He’s dead. I hope it wasn’t tremendously painful for him, and he is where people go, if they do in fact go anywhere, and that he is not suffering. And that’s it. I’m sorry if the world expects more, but it cannot have it.

  4. tel 3.6.2003

    Here was my analysis on a message board a few days ago…

    Sesame Street = a grumpy talking pile of green rags in a trashcan, Mr. Hooper slowly dying of cancer, a creepy guy who has the same last name as me in real life

    Captain Kangaroo = ping pong balls falling out of a cupboard, a hick in overalls that you know was cultivating some wacky-weed behind his outhouse, confusion over what branch of the military the “captain” was from

    Electric Company = Easy Reader, Get It Together, “It’s the plumber, I’ve come to fix the sink!”

    Zoom = scary cult conformist shirts, scary cult gibberish language, scary things with Jell-O

    Big Blue Marble = penpals, geocentric brainwashing, boringly repetitive

    Mister Roger’s Neighborhood = overhead shot of miniature town in opening and closing sequence, guy like the Lutheran minister next door went into world populated by puppets and wasn’t at all self-conscious about it, seemed preoccupied with shoes and sweaters

    Based on my childhood memory impressions, the winner is clearly The Electric Company.

  5. Tim 3.6.2003

    Fred was a Methodist, yet I only mention it as a piece of trivia.

    Didn’t anyone else watch Great Space Coaster and the Sid and Marty Kroft show?

  6. tel 3.6.2003

    Coincidentally, I originally wrote “Methodist” and then remembered that I was confusing Fred with the neighbor next door I was referring to, who was Lutheran. Mr. Tolo was his name. And luring Catholics to Bible Camp was his game.

  7. Suzanne 3.7.2003

    So my parents finally make it down to FL to visit (a good year over due!) and, after the usual doting, one of the first things out of my mom’s mouth last night (in typical great southern drawl and drama): “DID YOU KNOW MR ROGERS DIED?”

    Me: Our old neighbor? I thought he died years ago…


    My thoughts: Jeez… who the eff cares? That man made me want to fork my eyeballs out as a child!

    My actual reply: Hmph. (end of subject)


  8. ms oddgers 3.9.2003

    So what you got against us rodgers eh?

    They should give me a tv show. Carry on the legacy, y’know?

  9. Jett 3.12.2003

    They SHOULD give you your own show, my fine scaled friend.

    I’d watch, just to see you in a cardigan. HEE!


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