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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 9, 2003 || 1:59 am

The windows are dirty but the food is good and I consume the meal with a sense of quiet pleasure. It is nice, not being known here. Nicer still is having no one aware of my whereabouts, if even for this brief blink of an afternoon.

I’m accountable only to myself, and I shovel beans and sauteed tomatoes onto a tortilla while I just breathe and take the words of James Joyce into myself. Feeding the body, feeding the mind and –ultimately– feeding the soul. There is music and a woman is crying and accusing as she sings: “Mentiro-o-o-oso-o-o-o!” It makes me smile knowingly.

Eventually I push the plate away, ordering a shot of tequila. The petite waitress places it in front of me almost shyly, and as I suck the lime with great aplomb, my eyes meet those of one of the busboys. He has eyes that sparkle even from across the room, and while my hair is stringy today, my lipstick is crimson and perfect and nothing else matters.

I hold the heavy shot glass aloft in salutation of the sparkle-eyed fellow. Working men appreciate gestures best, and this pretty and rugged one is no exception. He meets my gesture with one of his own, a nod and a grin and a flat hand extended to say ‘Drink up, enjoy yourself, mi encantador…

I do, returning his smile, which has warmed my belly before the liquor even gets there.

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  1. waistdog 3.9.2003

    I am PABLO!

    I bus the dishes.

    I am……A sparkly eyed fellow.

  2. redclay 3.9.2003

    oh, honey, i know all bout it.


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