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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 10, 2003 || 11:10 am

Meth is baaaad, mmmkay?

“About a month ago, ex-addict Penny Wood avoided a prison term by agreeing to let authorities use these before-and-after photos of her to steer people away from the ravages of methamphetamine use. Now, she regrets the deal, saying the fliers have become an embarrassment for her, her children and grandchildren.” (AP Photo/Pekin Times, Tazwell County State’s Attorney)

Article courtesy Yahoo! News

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  1. Angie 3.10.2003

    Good gawd

  2. mr. happy 3.10.2003

    what a lovely picture of mom

  3. gnome-girl 3.10.2003

    omg that is just horrible! damn I can’t stop shaking my head!

  4. tel 3.10.2003

    purty. she works at the casino, right?

  5. Tara 3.10.2003

    Holy fucking shit.

    In other news, heard The Damnwells on my local indie-rock station today. Good stuff, thanks for mentioning them so I paid attention when the song actually came on. :)

  6. Delmer 3.10.2003

    my mom became addicted to mouthwash, y the time it was all over, er breath was so minty fresh we didn’t know who she was anymore…..

  7. the olive 3.11.2003


    Somehow I doubt it was the flyers that were an embarrassment.

  8. April Love 3.11.2003

    NO shit, stupid bitch. Let’s see, “Grandma is an “ex” crack-whore. I’m not at all embarrassed about that, so let’s post a picture of her in all her glory to steer the masses away from meth.” This lady was thinking only about staying out of jail, because with her lack of teeth, she would have been a favorite for “cooter games”, and didn’t give a second thought to her fucking kids. I say cry me a handfull about your “embarrassment”, she should have been banned from the gene pool anyway. Thank you.

  9. Jodi 3.22.2003

    Oh my god. I actually thought the photo on the left was David Cassidy at first. No fucking lie.


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