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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 10, 2003 || 11:08 pm

Sweet mother o’ Pete…I was coming here to tell you guys something that happened during the newscast this evening and I check my referrer logs to find that someone has found me using the search term ‘tactical humor’.

Get this….I am the only result for that particular phrase. That is so titties, man. Even moreso when the funny I was about to share gave a nod to military goings-on.

So, the local weather guy was doing usual pre-commercial break teasers and said, “Tennessee valley weather coming up” and followed it with, “We’ll take a look at the weather in the Middle East.” Cut to commercial.

I turned to Maxim and said, in my best hearty broadcasting voice, “As for the weather in the Middle East, well, it’s about to come a shitstorm in Iraq.”

No really, it’s okay to laugh. It is. No matter what side you’re on, that’s a pretty decent funny.

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