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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 18, 2003 || 3:34 pm

Some four or five months ago a man walked into my place of employment and he looked so startlingly like what you might look like in twenty years that I stood there, slack-jawed and nearly overcome. It didn’t help any that he had a New England accent.

I tried to assist him, cool and pleasant and professional, but the feeling was so overwhelming that I had to confess to him; I had to apologize for the stutterfuck pattern of my speech, for thoughts dropping from my brain’s grasp before the mouth could deliver, for the flush on my cheeks, for staring at him like he was the second coming.

Funny that I have never even possessed a photograph of you, but I could recall, without fault, what you looked like.

“I’m so sorry if I’m addle-brained and staring,” I finally said, “but you look an amazing amount like someone I once knew.

“An amazing amount.”

He wasn’t put off in the least. Odd how complete strangers –ones you know for a fact that you’ll never see again– sometimes open right up to you and for you, like a morning glory unfolding towards the sun. Odder still is that you allow yourself the luxury of what could easily have been trespass, had the stranger not been so engaging and receptive.

So I told him about you. Not all the gory, glorious details, but even in my reticence he could feel the weight of what I was telling him, of who you were to me. Of what we were together. I was unsurprised when he told me about his chanteuse over in Germany from some time ago (how fitting that he was a military man)…he had no idea whether she was alive or dead or still in Germany, because he couldn’t find her. One thing he made clear, though….he knew. He knew like he had two arms and two legs that she loved him and thought of him. He said, “Looks like you and me, we didn’t let it slip through our hands like most do; we ran like hellfire from it.”

And he sealed the deal right there; I knew he was a genuine kindred soul from an experience standpoint. He bade me good-bye, and blessed me with his hope that I find you.That damned man. That damned fine man….

“You broke my heart.” Well, of course I did. You broke mine first, over and over in little ways. But if I could take back a million and one times that look on your face the night that I cleaved yours cleanly in two, then I would. I knew what I was doing, yeah, but I simply didn’t realize.

So here we are now, fates smiling down on us, stirring us up with their buttery-sweet fingertips. You with your “C’mon, giiiirl…” and me with my “Boy, please.” And all this time like a river between us, and us yelling instructions from one bank to the other on how to cobble the raft so that we’re not drowned. Welcome back; you never left.

I treated you bad / You bruise my face / Couldn’t love you more / You got a beautiful taste / Don’t let the days go by / Could have been easier on you / I couldn’t change though I wanted to / Could have been easier by three / Our old friend fear and you and me / Glycerine / Glycerine / Don’t let the days go by / Glycerine

// Bush, “Glycerine”

pee ess…Thanks a mil, Kate. You’ll never know, man.

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  1. c 3.19.2003

    ya know… i found my hook up guy and he says he can do it… you never emailed me the info about who though…

    i’m here waiting

  2. Jett 3.19.2003

    Thanks, pard. All taken care of.

  3. kate 3.19.2003

    Your welcome…a million and one your welcomes for the million and one thank yous from you. I love helping people (even those I dont know, but after I tend to get an idea about them and their lives)…I get all teary eyed thinking that I helped bring you two in contact again after all the time apart when you never stopped thinking and believing….Jett Your Welcome!!…and thanks for asking me to help!!


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