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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 20, 2003 || 1:22 am

I just got the most disgusting fucking e-mail ever:


Little-known defense contractor poised to return 100% profit even if Bush never declares war on Iraq, and 500% profits if he does. FREE research report gives details on this pure defense play and 4 other “stealth stocks” that have managed to fly under Wall Street’s radar. Best part: Our “stealth stocks” system keeps you safely in cash when market sentiment turns negative. Safest way to make money in today’s market. We’ve already earned gains of 58%, 108%, even 241% … generated consistent positive gains – and handily beaten the S&P using this method. FIND OUT MORE…(Ed. note: linking disengaged, thankyouveryMUCH)

I wish I could punch the fucker that wrote this square in the throat.

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