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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 21, 2003 || 11:18 pm

Ohhhhhh, how I love the InterWeb:

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp~ Rossi gettin’ kinda seckshool with high-carb foodstuffs
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp~ April Love: There was an incident.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp~ @feckless: Got me kinda breathless, awaiting the next words.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp~ Anti-Bloggies! ANTI-BLOGGIES! You bitches better do right by me this year. Winners, after all, will be announced on my birthday.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp~ I got chosen as a Philosopher’s Pick (lil’ ole ME??) over at Blog Philosopher(such a cool, COOL idea…), which entitles me to use this little button (soon to be seated in a sidebar on this page somewheres), and not you:

I am surrounded by such lovely company as Jodi, whom we all know and love, and Drew, who resides not far from where I was born in Arkansas and whose blog just blew me away upon finding it.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp~ TACKY PACKtm, y’all!! Did you think I had abandoned the mayhem? NAY. Nay, I tell you! Because it is spring, when young men’s hearts turn to getting laid, send me your funniest, most original pickup lines and you’ll be entered into the drawing.

There has been this cheesecake ice cream in the freezer all week and it’s the Devil, I’m sure of it, so I’ve stayed away. Tonight, however, I’m putting on my firewalking shoes and we’s a-gonna tapdance, that ole Devil and I.

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  1. Jodi 3.22.2003

    Woohoo! You’ve been picked.

    I’m overjoyed to learn that I am known and loved!

  2. tel 3.23.2003

    I don’t know what to think…my usually quiet ego is wondering how I could possibly *not* be a geek philosopher…

  3. Jett 3.23.2003


    I’m just all blushy at a visit from the Wandering Jew herself.


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