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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 27, 2003 || 12:27 pm


You have green hair. You are creative, observant,
and a lover of nature. You are also a very
sexual person, and freely speak your mind. You
are passionate and sometimes hasty.

What is your inner anime hair color?
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Quiz stolen right out from under CJ’s (whosepostsreallyreallymakemesmiiiiile) nose.

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  1. CJ 3.27.2003

    Jesus fucking Christ, naked on a cracker! Hahaha… You don’t know how utterly shibby it is that you like my blog. That has damn well made my day. When I go clubbing, tomorrow, I am giving my groove thang a shake in the name of Jett Superior, and the continued rockitude of the House of Jett.

  2. CJ 3.27.2003

    And, FWIW, your post make me laugh my sorry ass off, get me thingking, and sometimes damn near make me turn into a weeping pile of emotion on the floor.


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