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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 27, 2003 || 1:00 pm

I am everso glad that today is today and not yesterday or the day before. Yesterday and the day before were possessed of a great deal of suckitude. I could’ve started a bullshit farm with all of it that was heaped upon my enfeebled, dizzy head for those two days.

And, for the record, not all of it was heaped upon me by outside parties. Yep, bullshit is resplendent in the way it begets more bullshit, and my head is a busy fucking place.

So I breathe, and I let things fall away, and today is a sunshiney, birdsongy day.

I have taken enough ‘meetings’ via phone and in person the last three days to last me a couple lifetimes. People are so very tiresome. Working in HR would be like being condemned to one of the many circles of hell for me.

Today, though, I have a raise and a new staff and damn it, it’s time to get all the pistons firing around this fucking place. Viva la progress!

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  1. tel 3.27.2003

    TOLD you it was a resume that would get results!


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