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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 28, 2003 || 7:35 pm

Mathias is busy acting out the most moving moments from his favorite cartoons. He, of course, is Tweety (“Feel the bird! Feel him! In order to be the bird, you must feeeeel the bird!”). In between acts, he is kissing my the tip of my nose, my forehead, my left ear.

He intrinsically knows what besides liquor and black tar heroin and dirty, diiiiiirty illicit sex makes momma feel better.

Mathias, at the tender age of four, is a fella that knows how to treat a woman. Let’s hope he can hang on to that.

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  1. waistdog 3.29.2003

    Most of the women I’ve known, have been suckers for the Tweety Bird act.

    Until you get to the “I taught I Taw A Puddy Tat” line….then they slap you silly.

  2. April Love 3.29.2003

    That almost makes me want to procreate…..Nah, I’m over it. :)


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