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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 30, 2003 || 8:22 pm


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I found this over at the Pie Queen’s place. I’m-a likin’ it. Come play with me!

Own your very own share(s) of Jett!

UPDATE: Thus far I’ve bought shares of GI Party, Angie, Melly, Jodi and Chey. Those’re my five free trades for the day. More to be added later.

Also, you don’t have to be a blog owner to register and play. Hurry up! What’re you waiting for?

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  1. @feckless 3.30.2003

    i, er, don’t like the, um, concept of it. there i said it. i’m a crotchety old fusspot sometimes, aren’t i?

  2. tel 3.31.2003

    this has made me uncomfortable since I first became aware of it. give me three good reasons why I should sign up…

  3. Jett 3.31.2003


    1) It’s all in good fun, guys.

    2) It’s free.

    3) I don’t think it causes cancer or carries any sort of STDs.

    I know what all the arguments against are, I’m pretty sure, and you people know how keyed-up and prone to moral outrage I am…..but I see no harm, no foul.

    This game is no more an indicator of quality weblogging than one of a dozen other things out there, but the concept is much more interesting and fun IMHO.

    Granted, some people will read more into it than need be, but those people equate much of their self-worth with their hit counts and I don’t think it’s necessary for me to go into that with the two of you (or hit the button for the flashing “What a sad, egomaniacal fuckhead.” neon sign), as smart as you are.

    My shares are currently being sold for nineteen cents apiece; you think I’m CRYING over that? No way, man. I’m just like, “WHEEE! I’m not trading for less than a nickel! WHEEEEEE!”

    But I’m goofy, and I find the funny in the simplest of diversions.

  4. clayton 3.31.2003

    i *own* you


  5. clayton 3.31.2003

    pee ess… what day was it again that i was getting wine drunk and passing out naked in your yard again? i forget the details sometimes… ok, well as often as possible… but it’s not a conscious thing.

    i think.

    what was i saying?

  6. tel 3.31.2003

    perhaps I could derive joy out of trading for *less* than a nickel a share. I’m afraid that the fun would be gone once I saw my value rise.

    again with the “wouldn’t want to be a member of my own fan club” thing.

  7. gnome-girl 3.31.2003

    I’m buying a piece of you girl ;)

  8. faf 3.31.2003

    happy birthday in advance.

  9. Pie Queen 3.31.2003

    I own Jett! I have a piece o’ the pie!

  10. tel 4.1.2003

    so, does this mean that we can all tell her what to do, and if we feel she’s devaluing her stock, we can replace her as ceo of this blog?


  11. Jett 4.1.2003

    Depends on which asswit were to take over.

    Because, as you know, I am Lead Chief Asswit around these parts.

    Wine. Mmmmmmm….

    What was I saying?

  12. tel 4.2.2003

    I just saw your very (blog) name on the Blogshares ticker. You’re like a celebrity or something…


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