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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 2, 2003 || 12:14 am

Because he said,

“I like your long hair:

“Leave it in heavy ropes

Nestled over, around,

Between the back-cleavage

Of sharp shoulderblades

That are eased by

Bronzed skin, kid-glove soft…”

I want to hack it away,

All choppy-chunky

And flyaway folorn,

Somewhat like my heart.

He doesn’t care for

The lipstick: Not just the

Deep brick reds or the

Vaporous, shiny peaches, but

All of it, any of it.

Bare lips are naked, waiting;

So I wear the deepest

Shade of it in defiance,

Like the breath that

Emerges, wriggling and spent,

From the air-sacked traces

Of my corporal self.

Because he swore eternity

To me not once, not twice,

But three times the words rang

(Denied. DENIED.),

I will no longer dance to

Tomorrows and forevers

Or sweet vermillion promises.

I hold myself staunchly

In the moment of now and no more;

I cannot bear the heartbreak

Of feet dancing between

‘Back thens’ and ‘yet whens’.

We were drawn together,

The booze and music and

The heralded ’something more’

Were the guidons,

But I cannot abandon the

Spirits and songs.

‘Something more’, however…

That one has

To be dismissed in

Favor of the surer loves:

The memory is clever

Though, and intermingles all.

:: ::: :: ::: :: ::: ::

“Honey, we fucked each other harder with our clothes on than we ever did with them off.”

“Yeah. Yeah, we did.”

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  1. @feckless 4.2.2003

    this makes me ache, but i like the ache. extremely familiar.

  2. melly 4.2.2003

    I need some water.

  3. melly 4.2.2003

    Ahhh … that’s refreshment.

  4. Jett 4.2.2003

    dearest melly, you’re such a sentimental fool….

    feck: I feel like high-fiving you.

    but ONLY you.

  5. melly 4.2.2003

    I’m going to go downstairs and watch some tv.

  6. melly 4.2.2003

    Well, that was a waste of time.

  7. oh man {generic}; the biggest, most gerilous querpitron {moi} laid low by the lushest lines ive heard in a long time. I wish this were a place for adulation; i could adulate all day. The memory IS clever.

  8. Jett 4.4.2003


    Adulate away. Then take a lunch break (your queen is a generous one, m’dear) and come adulate some more!

  9. Jett 4.4.2003

    And oh yes, thanks.

    And melly: three hours invested sitting on your ass, drinking alcohol and yelling at the characters on the screen is NEVER wasted time.

  10. *thinking of something clever whilst eating lunch, im gunna get so many points for this one*

  11. If this were some soggy evangelical Christian website, i could praise you by singing “I’m going to praise you”. The mustard is yet uncut

  12. Adulate:

    Honey suckled droplets,

    dew-soaked pearls,

    wisdom gems hidden,

    rough and ready,

    or not. Here lies truth,


    and a picture of you.

    Stinging firebrands mercilessly salting

    wounds we daily remember to forget.

    Picture perfect postcard of a penniless pragmatist.

    Outsourcing your emotions for a dime, Jett Superior layin it down the line.

    umm, booyah!


    “you’re pretty neat”


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