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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 10, 2003 || 12:36 am

Poor Keif at GI Party got troubles, y’all. A copy of the email I sent him:

To: keith@giparty.org
Subject: my fitty cent worth

Keith honey,

As I’ve always told you, GO WITH YOUR HEART.

Fuck the naysayers. If you listen to all the naysayers in your life, then you’ll never get nothin’ done.

I think you had hold of a good, solid niche in the world of Cyberia. I think your idea was brilliant in its simplicity. I think you presented it well and in a diplomatic fashion.

Do not stand down if it is ultimately what you want to do, or unless you are *ordered* to stop. You’re the real deal, baby.

Your ole pal,


Go on over there and give a brother some love. Go on, now!

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  1. melly 4.10.2003

    He doesn’t have crabs does he? I’m not willing to give love to no guy who’s got crabs.

  2. melly 4.10.2003

    In translation, I mean that I will not have sexual intercourse with a guy who has crabs. The more I read what I commented, the more I doubt the strength of my conviction.


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