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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 11, 2003 || 10:15 pm

How in the world does ‘live box set’ become ‘live sex bot’ from the screen to my brain? Damn tricky eyeballs.

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  1. melly 4.12.2003

    I would leave you a comment, but you will just ignore it.

  2. melly 4.12.2003


  3. Jett 4.12.2003

    did you guys hear something? is someone commenting?


  4. waistdog 4.12.2003

    I’ve always wanted a Live Sex Bot.

    But then, I’ve always wanted tricky eyeballs.

    Jett has ALL the fun.

    And look! She gets Melly, too.

    All I get, is snow.


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