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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 18, 2003 || 11:09 pm

Fry that fucker. He couldn’t just ask for a divorce??

I reckon the wrath of God can service him better than the prison system can. Knee-jerk liberals will kindly kiss my ass (left cheek-wise) on this one.

Of course he hoped ‘…that the bodies are not that of Laci and the baby…’, because the callous motherfucker knew that if they in fact were, then he’d be fucking caught. So fitting that he was arrested at a mothereffing golf resort.


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  1. 1) fry the fucker upside down

    2) now who’s to pay for the hundred thousand other fetusses murdered every year?

  2. Connie 4.19.2003


    I have been very carefully following this story.. Very emotionally… and it makes me speechlessly angry… I can only imagine differentw ays to torture that fuck. I just hope he doesn’t get off…

  3. @feckless 4.19.2003

    hey, i’m a liberal, but i try to control that unfortunate knee-jerky thing. however, liberal or no, i’d kill him myself, matter of fact i’d like to do it upclose & personal with something dull & rusty. it would take awhile, yes it would. mmhmm.

  4. waistdog 4.19.2003

    When they’re done with HIM…..I’d like to see them round up Gary Condit.

    They can do a double fry on those assholes, and save the tax payers some money.

  5. Jett 4.19.2003

    I’m still just unbelievably indignant that he was arrested at a fucking GOLF RESORT, rather than shivering, drawn up into a little ball, behind the sofa.

    That motherfucker. See?? Now I want to throw things. These are the reasons that I don’t watch the news.

  6. ali 4.19.2003

    Did they pick him up before he got to play? I sure hope so. Perhaps he could be put to death by being the target at the driving range? What a jerk!

  7. G. Oldielocks 4.19.2003

    Fry him slowly.


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