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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 20, 2003 || 12:30 am

I have this ugly afghan that I hate –it’s emblazoned with teddy bears pulling a sled– but I keep it because you don’t dispose of a grandmother’s gift. I’m wearing that very afghan across my shoulders now to stave off a one ay em chill.

Funny how something that you derive no pleasure from can give you comfort.

I got the referral I’ve pondered the most out of all the goofy, far-out, wicked search referrals I’ve ever received: ‘Love and regret’.

‘Love and regret’….hmpp. That’s a mighty big one. I wonder what sort of person is sitting in front of a monitor, googling the words ‘love and regret’, searching for what? Song lyrics? A simple turn of phrase? A key to enlightenment? Another person out there who’s felt the pang of both words, ‘love’ and ‘regret’, or maybe the marriage of the two at one time or another in their life?

Hello, kindred soul. Were you next to me in the bar, I would buy you a drink and listen for myself in your words.

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  1. redclay 4.20.2003

    wadn’t me, honey.

    but apt, tonight.

  2. melly 4.20.2003

    Something smells.

  3. Jett 4.20.2003

    wadn’t me, honey.

    but apt, tonight.

  4. Jett 4.20.2003

    (I fucking KILL me)

  5. Johnny T 4.21.2003


  6. redclay 4.21.2003

    love, and regret.

    they sound like they go together.

    but most days you couldn’t thow a rock to hit one from the other.

    usual, one don’t start till the others taillights are over the hill.

    even if they are different sides of the same coin, washington never sees the eagle, eisenhower never sees the wheat.

    i’m not saying you won’t see them together, but you shouldn’t hold your breath.


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