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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 21, 2003 || 5:20 pm

Words are slippery things, like squalling newborn babes; if you don’t get the goo off pretty quick, they just slide right on through your knuckles.

A doctor once palmed my minutes-old son and, upon noticing my silent but gape-eyed alarm, said glibly,

“Don’t worry. You could drop a brand-new baby two stories and he’d just bounce.”

“All the same, Major, I’d like you to fix both mitts on my kid. I had these crazy plans like his first steps and tossing a ball with him and driving him to his first dance and watching him graduate and maybe, just maybe, cackling at his wedding out of glee and a good bottle-tipping or two.”

Oh yeah, the words. Sometimes they bounce high enough to grab them again, but you know how random the trajectory of a bounce can be.

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  1. melly 4.21.2003

    The first night I had Mattie, I held him with one arm and brushed my teeth with the other.

    But I’ve got problems, you know.


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