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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 27, 2003 || 9:24 am

four ay emm lonely music should find me drunk and despairing, but it does not. in fact, i feel more centered than I have in a long fucking time. so much so that i feel as if i should dance and say, “welcome back to you, dear elizAbeth…”

things are as they should be. i am growing, progressing, learning, knowing what it is to be okay despite all else. fucking right.

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  1. melly 4.27.2003

    I should have called you. I enjoyed sitting next to Sean making that call to my dad to tell him that,”I’m on a scam”. I’m pretty sure my dad thought I was about to rob a convenience store as I didn’t want to sit there and explain the definition of scam right in front of Sean.

    You know, the whole aloof thing dictated it so.

    Is it considered aloof to make your date buy you a flower?

    Could that question be more grammatically awkward?

    What about that one?

  2. Jett 4.28.2003

    Ah, fuckit. Grammatically awkward is damned sexy.

  3. mmm awkward

    like that limping chick on E.R.


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