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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 28, 2003 || 8:08 am

You know, I just came to the realization that, despite the fact that you come here regularly (and mayhap I visit *your* site, too…), I don’t know jack shit about a good percentage of you.

So here’s your chance! Tell me something about you that I (and preferably nobody else on the InterWeb) don’t know.<--Did that sentence even make sense?? This snippet of something can be serious, self-revealing, sanguine, silly or a combination of them all. Doesn’t matter. All that matters is that it is true and it accurately depicts some aspect of you.

In return, you may ask me one question which I will feel somewhat beholden to answer. I’ll post any questions with their respective answers sometime later in the week.

No multi-parters, you cheating so-and-sos….you know who you are.

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  1. clayton 4.28.2003

    I received corporal punishment for the first time in Kindergarden from the principal of my school for screaming the word “FUCK!” at the top of my lungs in the middle of class.

  2. Jett 4.28.2003

    Ohhhhh, Clay, how I LOVE that.

    You should post that little snippet below the thumbnail of that guitar eating you. It somehow fits.

  3. gjoe 4.28.2003

    I won the spelling bee in the fifth grade and was so excited that I left the trophy on the bus. I’ve been looking for it ever since… when no one believes that I’ve got a good idea, I wish I had that trophy so I could show it to them and say “see, I AM A WINNER!”

  4. timato 4.28.2003

    tellin: i write left handed but refuse to curl my hand into a knot and drag it across the page or turn the paper 90 degrees , so i push my hand from left to right. i don’t write with pencils any more, because i would always get pencil lead all over my hand.

    askin: hrm… what don’t i know about jett… it could fill a u-haul, probly. what’s the biggest thing you ever won?

    and clayton needs to ask a question, too. we have to make these count.

  5. tel 4.28.2003

    I’m guessing I’m of the bad percentage, so I’m just seeing what everyone else is saying.

  6. scott 4.28.2003

    Catholic school sexual education being what it is, I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised that, in sixth grade, a priest informed the male portion of my class of the dangers of pre-marital intercourse. This danger went well beyond unwanted pregnancies, STDs and the like. Oh no. According to Fr. Clueless, a certain area of the female anatomy came equipped with razor sharp teeth… teeth that didn’t fall out until after the recitation of the marriage vows.

    Consequently, when we stopped laughing (after all, we had all seen certain magazines and were rather sure that some of the girls depicted therein must still be single), I embarked upon organizing my classmates into participating in a campaign to leave little teeth and tooth shaped toys on his chair, desk, hood of his car, etc. The vast majority of my allowance went to little wind up teeth. Fr. Clueless lasted about eight more months before he transferred to another parish.

  7. i sing like 7 angels

    it makes my mum cry

    i could break you with And So It Goes

  8. gjoe 4.28.2003

    Scott– I did a little checking about the teeth and dirty magazine thing… no wonder you didn’t see any teeth in the dirty magazines. Look at those gums!

  9. batty 4.28.2003

    Tell: I was once detained by the police in Spain. Mostly it was me being confused – my friend’s camera was stolen and she had chased the thief. The police wanted me to fill out the report and id the thief – but I hadn’t seen the guy – and meanwhile my friend was out lost somewhere in the big city. But no one spoke English and they were all too busy watching The Scarecrow and Mrs. King dubbed into Spanish. And they kept putting me in this room with a form to fill out that I couldn’t fill out.

    Very frustrating.

    All came out well though.

    After I gave up with the form and announced I was leaving.

    Apparently it was a good edisode of the show and they couldn’t be much bothered.

    Ask: Who is that getting married by Elvis in your graphics? I’ve always wondered. Also wondered whether that’s a reindeer in the photo above the Elvis wedding…

  10. Jett 4.28.2003

    God, you people…you make me fall out of my chair over and over.

    Keep it comin’; laughter is cleansing.

    But you can tell me icky, sad shit too, if you’re so inclined. I’m purdy good at the lissenin’ thang.

  11. Daniel 4.29.2003

    Tell: I was such a nerd in school that upon recieving my ‘Straight A Report Card’ involving of all things, an A++ (I actually had to go to the Principal’s Office where the Principal said: “Daniel, we’re breaking rules here, but your assignment was so good we’re inventing you a grade.”)… I cried when my teacher said that the only thing I had to learn was to “Relax… school doesn’t matter THAT much” To this day I haven’t relaxed and I believe that if I did my head would explode from pent-up pressure. I constantly feel the need to express myself creatively and if I don’t, I feel a failure. I can’t decide if this is good or not.

    Ignorant Ask from a person slowly growing accustomed to your blog: Where did the name “Jett Superior” come from? Why so “Superior?”

  12. daniel

    you nerd

    “superior” becuase she is perfect

    its maths dude

  13. statia 4.29.2003

    I killed a man once. Ok, not really, but it sounded really cool didn’t it? Hmmm something about me. I stole a pair of sneakers from a shoe store job once. Got caught months later and got fired all without my parents knowing (I was 16). That in and of itself was a miracle since I didn’t yet have my license and my dad came to pick me up from work.

  14. CJ 4.29.2003

    Heh. Had my first orgasm when i was five. Produced my first ejaculate when i was 13 and swore I would never touch it again, for verily, I had broken it!

    Yeah, that lasted a whole three hours.

    (Okay, so I figured it out pretty quick that it wasn’t a problem when those guys on the pron (intentional misspelling) didn’t seem to mind)

    Jett: Yes, why Jett Superior?

  15. Angel 4.29.2003

    Tell: I’ve been reading since I was 4, I hate my name (Angel) because of all the songs and “catch phrases” that are out now, I’ve been in love only once, I used to be shy but now I talk about sex at summer youth programs, when I was younger, the only reason I wanted to get married was to get rid of my last name, I’ve wanted to move out of my small town since I was 12, I have never led a normal life at any point, and I enjoy life. Not too funny or sad, but informative… or not.

    Ask: Why did you start blogging?

  16. laura 4.29.2003

    my first concert was white baby grand on a rotating stage, ruffled shirt wearing, ballad singing barry manilo. i shit you not. ok, i was like 7 years old, so it had to be about 1975. that has to be, to date, the most embarassing show i’ve seen. although now that i’m old and crusty it’s pretty amusing.

    what’s yours?

  17. Unxmaal 4.29.2003

    I’m quite normal, really. I was born in a mental institution in western Mongolia [Dund-Us, to be precise]. I was raised by several nuns and a flock of raving Mongolian madmen. My first word was ‘butter’. It doesn’t mean ‘butter’ in Mongol. When I was thirteen I ran away and joined the Chinese Navy, only to be attacked by pirates and left for dead off the coast of Timboor Island. I lived wild for a year on the island, and to this day flinch at the sight of a seagull. I have romantic feelings about sea cucumbers, however. I was rescued by an illicit organ-trader based out of Perth, who gave me a formal education and a slight case of Herpes, as well as imparting me with the secret knowledge of hexing via trumpet. She had beautiful eyes, and made quite a bit of money selling them. I found myself aboard a ship full of Nikes bound for America at age 17, and there I joined several militant lesbian groups, eventually winding up in Boaz, Alabama. Boaz is a major lesbian militant hotspot, in case you didn’t know. While I was there, I worked odd jobs, including pizza delivery with Miss Jett. Since that time I have made my living as a geomancer and part-time Feng-Shui analyst, supplementing my income with network engineering.

    Tell: How can this goddamn soap last so long?!

  18. trish 4.29.2003

    I used to be so shy that I kept dropping speech class in college and tried to get permission to graduate without it. They told me no and I dropped out of school, planning not to go back until my parents forced me to go back and take the class. I think they regret it now.

  19. redclay 4.29.2003

    armloads and buckets and even rented tuxedos.

    the still sewn pockets full of charm.

    like manna it appears effortless.

    we got to point it at the ground, in church.

    out of us , easy as a relieved breath.

    what people don’t know, you said.

    beyond the oasis, beyond the green deep as the water table.

    beyond the clenched fist of the dunes. protecting the deep blue and the vegetable green.


    well, that’s all sand.

  20. melly 4.29.2003

    Hello, my name is melly, and one time I put my vibrator in backwards.

    Oh, right, you know that one. Okay.

    Hello, my name is melly, and one time I thought I heard a coyote howling but it was my ass.

    Oh, right, you know that one, too. Okay.

    Hello, my name is melly, and I am in dire need of new material.


  21. the olive 5.2.2003

    If I didn’t twease my face I’d grow a gotee, I just know it.


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