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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 29, 2003 || 12:04 am

My God, it’s finally happened. I’m number nine in the search for “learn the ropes”+sex. I can die a happy woman, knowing that I contributed to the greater good. Knowing that I am memorable in such a profound way.

Knowing that I have connotations of one who could teach you how to get your grrroob on but good.

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  1. delmer 4.29.2003

    there is no greater good, only lesser evils.

  2. waistdog 4.29.2003

    That’s why I come here…..it’s for the sex.

  3. NO WAY!!!! I should be up there before you!!!! How did they make that mistake?? I guess I better have a talk with them…EVERYONE knows when it comes to sex…I’m there girl!

    Hmmmmmm…perhaps that didn’t sound right…or just maybe it did!

    Sex IS best when its with you!

  4. frank 4.29.2003

    best is better than better is better than good is best of all

  5. gjoe 4.29.2003

    I can beat that… sit down with google and type “Taco bell sour cream gun fucking fetish.”

    I own google.

  6. Angel 5.5.2003

    hmmm, and I’m only the number 4 search option for “sock obsession”… *sigh*

  7. Jett 5.8.2003

    Well, Angel…aspiration and perspiration will get you everywhere.

    That, and three years’-worth of blogging.


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