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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 30, 2003 || 10:59 pm

So, tonight while Your Heroine (that’s me!) was working late my pal AmyBeth came strolling in, smiling like the devil himself had goosed her. She whipped a bag of Nestle’s Coconut Treasures out from behind her back, singsonging, “Because I looo-oooove yooooou…”

I’m on my period and was trying to avoid the whole ravenous salt-sugar-SALTFUCKINGSUGAR-snarf-snort-gnosh-binge cycle.

Now, Nestle’s Coconut Treasures are chocolatey, toasted coconutty kryptonite (stunning overpowering weakness ensues, fair reader) wrapped up in a purrrrdy shiny teal wrapper and, damnit all to fuck, I cannot be held responsible for Refusing To Deny Self when I am biologically/physiologically impaired! Cannot and will not!*

*but I only ate two**
**…tonight, anyway.

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  1. CJ 5.1.2003

    Okay, i’m sure I’m not the only one thinking this…..

    Two *individual* treasures, or two bags?

    Hi, I’m CJ< and I’m a chocoholic.

  2. G. Oldielocks 5.1.2003

    I sure she must mean two bags.

    (also a devout chocoholic)

  3. G. Oldielocks 5.1.2003

    Oops…make that I’m sure…

  4. April Love 5.2.2003

    Bless your restraint! I’m still apologizing for not enjoying coconut.

  5. the olive 5.2.2003

    I like them as well

  6. Angel 5.2.2003

    for me, I cannot resist the creamy lure of chocolate and peanutbutter… and yes, bags have been devoured… bags and bags… *sigh* and bags…

  7. Nancy 5.3.2003

    oh my gawwd, you too? wtf *is* that crap?

    “salt-sugar-SALTFUCKINGSUGAR-snarf-snort-gnosh-binge cycle”

  8. Jett 5.4.2003


    There was only one bag. I ate two chocolates.



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