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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 8, 2003 || 12:51 am

Well, I’ve gone and done it. These four walls and five people just weren’t enough. In my lusty quest for dominion, I’ve gone and started my own country. All hail the fine Rogue Nation of Superiornia. Don’t fuck around.

I should make waistdog Prime Minister of something. And the two Tees should head up the Ministry of the Not Entirely All There But Not Entirely Devoid of Sanity, Either.

The nudists are already giving me shit. Fuckin’ nekkid folks…always the first to bitch.

Link found via quixotical.

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  1. waistdog 5.8.2003

    May I be Prime Minister of Arty Crap?

    And Melly can be my Vice Minister?

  2. V. 5.8.2003

    May I be Undersecretary of Juggling and Bad Card Tricks? No?

    Minister of All that is Unclean?

  3. trouble 5.8.2003

    okay. ill do it. ill be the minister of not entirely somewhat where, but not entirely sanitary, either.

    johnny t can be the minister of getting me vanillery iced blendeds with extra helpings of whipped cream for tea from the coffee bean and tea leaf.

    hmm, all of a sudden this job is sounding a lot better.

  4. guy 5.8.2003

    Hey! Put me down for Undersecretary for Oversight of Underachievers Overseas.

  5. Angel 5.8.2003

    I’d like to be a phantom tollbooth…

  6. dear Jett

    thankyou for giving me my daily fill of swears.

    with love


  7. melly 5.8.2003

    I’ll be your Lewinsky.

  8. Jett 5.9.2003

    waisty: Yes. Minister of Arty Crap and All Things Hoo-ha shall be your official title. and I already had melly pegged as my right-hand man. so sorry.

    V.: I view you more as the Minister of Jumping Beans and Suppressing The French For The Most Part Lest They Offend Our Fearless Leader.

    trouble: I’d like to see you and Johnny T duke it out over job responsibilities, as this will be a shared post.

    guy: you have my hearty (and throaty and leggy and whatever other bit of anatomy comes into play in these situations) endorsement.

    Angel: whaaaa?

    Bartlett: You’re everso.

    melly: under the desk. Now.

    There’s still the Minister of Sustained Belching Yet Repressed Farts to consider. Anyone?

  9. V. 5.9.2003

    Consider the French Supressed. I shall commence pounding on their pointy little noggins forthwith or posthaste, which ever is fastest.

    I and then I’m off to Ensenada to procure jumping beans. If I’m not back in 5 weeks, send Melly after me.

  10. trouble 5.9.2003

    minstrel of belching, incognate toots, non sequitorial flim flam…sounds like a job for the likes of lescrivens

  11. Jettomatika 5.10.2003

    Nay, dear trouble, for my staff MUST have clean underwear.


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