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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 12, 2003 || 4:43 pm

Today, while trying on swimsuits, I was mortified when four-year-old Mathias (who was previously playing, deceptively quiet, in one corner of the fitting room) exclaimed loudly and amusedly,

“Ha-ha-HA, mommy, you’re NAKED! I see your breasts! I see your pee-pwlthb…”

I gagged him with a lovely keyhole-back tankini. If it ever happens again I’m gonna yell, “Whose kid is this? Sweet mother of Pete, doesn’t anyone watch their kid anymore? Get him outta here!”

I swear to God I am.

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  1. V. 5.12.2003

    Just wait until he starts hiding in the carousel racks, trying to peak up the skirts of shoppers.

    Then again, maybe that was just me.

  2. dave 5.12.2003

    hey, i did that hiding / peeking up skirts trick. you say it like it’s a bad thing. ;^)

    jett, you leave that poor little munchkin alone! it’s bad enough having to go shopping with your mom for clothes, nevermind bathing suits

  3. tel 5.12.2003

    I can’t imagine how your kid could turn out a junior horn-dog…I simply can’t.

    By the way, did you continue to impress everyone at the Chinese take-out the other night?

  4. is there a word in ending in -kini that i dont enjoy?

  5. Johnny T 5.13.2003

    I used to look up the skirts of the manakins.

  6. April Love 5.13.2003

    Our dear Mathias is SUCH a stinker. I love that kid!

  7. KC 5.13.2003

    I don’t think it’s the peaking thats the prob, it’s the yelling. I mean how many guys do you know yelled at the top of their lungs the first time they saw boobs?

  8. The Fancy Llama 5.13.2003

    Ahhhh yes… looking up the skirts of gals at the mall. I remember doing that.

    One time, mall security banned me for a month from the mall. No more skirt peeking for me.

    Then again, I only have lik 17 days left and then I can go back to the mall.

  9. Sean M 5.13.2003

    I had to stop myself from yelling, I suppose it was the polite thing to do, even if they did happen to be particularly scary.

  10. Jett 5.13.2003

    While it’s not a random, regular occurrence, the child *has* seen boobs before.

    He just found it charming, as is his way, to humiliate mommy in public.

  11. its funny, becuase you’re naked!

  12. Angel 5.14.2003

    yeah… he’s crafty alright… I’m wondering if he didn’t plan it so that he’s be exempt from future shopping trips…


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