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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 20, 2003 || 11:24 pm

Today found me at my desk, cradling the phone on my shoulder and dialing the number I needed on the ten-key in front of me.

I know it’s only Tuesday, but this week can fuck off.

…and since I have nothing queued up that even compares to the brilliance of last night’s post, I’ve deemed this “AIM snippet Tuesday”:

zachisjonah: if mike tyson bites off jesus’ ear in a fight, is it a
foul or a sacrament?

JettSuperior: mike tyson is going to hell, no
matter what.

JettSuperior: so I say foul.

zachisjonah: hahah! i love you. goodnight.

zachisjonah signed off at 12:08:44 AM.

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  1. Angel 5.21.2003

    hmmm, I had an equally funny conversation last night and I’ll never look at chicken and rice quite the same. Even when weeks are crap, there’s always someone who makes us realize that everything is funny.

    Umm, I’m not one bit encouraging, but I am listening… errr, reading. YOU rock on, witcha bad self!

  2. waistdog 5.21.2003

    No matter who’s ear.

    It would just be lunch to Mike.

  3. KC 5.22.2003

    Don’t you just wanna beat that phone against someones fhead till the gooies startspilling? OK, maybe i am a little violent…but i’ve had days like that. Dunno if you can…but when i get stressed i go the the gun range and shoot…preferably some full-auto!


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