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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 22, 2003 || 4:47 pm

I am so fucking tired that I went on the nods like, FOUR TIMES today. Four times. On the nods. If life weren’t so hectic, I’d seek medical attention. The last time I did this (went on the nods, not sought medical attention) was….

Oh hell, I can’t even recall a last time. I’m too fucking tired. Okay, yeah, there was that time I nearly went sailing off the I-55 overpass; whew, thank God for those little bumpy things at the edge of the road, right?

Speaking of God, I have rock-solid proof that he is great and good and balancer-outer of all things unfair: I am myopic as all fuck (legally blind in my left eye without correction, if you want the facts), but my optometrist is haaaaaht. Hot, I tell you! I left his office an hour ago and am still a bit squirmy.

He’s been telling me that if I have the same scrip/level of horrid sight for three years running that I can have the lasik surgery that I’ve so been craving. The good news is that he cleared me today. Now to rob some liquor stores for the thirty-nine hunnert bucks that it’ll cost at one o’ them places….what was it? Blind No More? Vision’R'Us? WalletRapers?

Fuuuuck. I need some sleep. You need some Duct Tape Accessories. Trust me on this one. My friend Tim made an entire suit out of Duct Tape one Halloween. It got him felt up like twelve times and laid at least thrice that night. Who knows what that belt or wallet will snag ya? I’m ordering MaximTheBassGodtm a strap. It is, after all, the very least I could do.

Good Christ, this is so boring that I’m nodding off again. Brilliance to ensue soon. No, reallly.

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  1. John 5.23.2003

    Pop On, Pop off! The bubblebodywear!

    And there’s techno Origami future chic kind of stuff.

    But when it comes to me, I really come off quite boring.


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