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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 26, 2003 || 12:17 am

As someone who is quite frequently mistaken for a man based on my words alone (pictures up top notwithstanding…they weren’t allus there, folks), I find this set of questions a bit of measured sophistry at best. While I can see the author’s reason(s) for posing them, I feel that a scribbler’s gender should not weight the discussion of their writings.

Simply put, some places are rife with suckitude and some places simply shine, four hits a day or four-hundred. I’ve found that this generally has nothing to do with what’s between the legs, but more to do with what’s between the ears and in the heart. I couldn’t tell you whether or not my readers are mostly male or female, because a big percentage of them prefer to lurk around the edges (it’s okay, meekish Superior Muffinasses, you can come out to play…) for whatever reason. Maybe they don’t feel they have anything worthy to contribute. Maybe coming ’round these parts is akin to watching a trainwreck for them. Maybe I’m the example of all the literary ‘don’ts’ for some writing class in Pacoima or Walla-Walla or someplace else I’ve never been….who knows?

I think, though, based on the comments, more fellas come around than women; I’m pretty positive that it’s always been that way, even before my picture got slung up there at the top (nod to Mr. Hatley, who brought up via e-mail last week the question of whether or not my readers are here to hit up on the mouthy proprietress or to actually read).

My own tastes are fairly evenly divided between the sexes, although the fellas might edge out the gals to a minor degree. There’s an easy explanation to even that: Despite the fact that I seek content that is presented creatively and –more importantly– with heart, I’ve always been the most comfortable in the presence of males. This is due to a variety of factors, not least of which are the fact that I was raised in an extended family comprised mostly of guys and the fact that I find most women, to put it simply, ‘triflin’.

There I go, chasin’ the rabbits.

When I click through on a link, I never even think twice as to whether or not there are two exxes or one ex, one why responsible for what I am reading. I just care if it is good by my own standards, if it captures my attention and makes me laugh or cry or drop my jaw. If it breathes up there on the screen. If I go back and back again, I’ll then be moved to find out a few this or thats about the author, attempt to frame them up a bit as a person. There again, though, their words will have already done that for the most part. The rest is just stage dressing. Chum is one of the most raw, poignant writers I know. Melly is one of the most profanely funny and honest. Waistdog’s choppy style and pat humor had me hooked way back when. Lizard can be writing about politics or dead bees or music or pain or birthday parties (or even the painful politics of music at dead bees’ birthday parties) and every word is like a gift because she twines them together so well. TheDane’s doodles are far above-par, he speaks intellectually, eloquently and non-judgementally of his faith and is an almost-obsessive listmaker of Important Thingstm like film noir and preferred modes of transportation. Fish is boldly eclectic, and whatever she touches –words or paints or pixels– is transformed into a thing of beauty that makes you think. Out of all these, Melly is the only one whose gender was immediately known, because she goofs on being a girl of unabashedly different stripes.

So, what I’m really trying to say in my bloated fashion is that it’s not so much the works (in a physiological sense, of course) of these writers so much as the workings of them. I would be no less enthralled by any of them were they male, female, or orange-assed baboons (the jury is still out on a couple of my links as to whether or not they are the latter). They wield a certain amount of influence and power over me, and that power has nothing to do with their genitalia.

At least until I meet them outside of Cyberia, that is.

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  1. waistdog 5.26.2003

    I don’t think anyone’s ever called me “choppy” before.

    I like it.

    And you just KNOW that’s what Melly likes about me.

    ” He’s a choppy geezer!”

    “gotta love ‘im!”

  2. Unxmaal 5.26.2003

    i will have you know that my ass is purple and can kick your ass any time which is a great deal for a beast of burden and did i tell you the time that i was trapped in the mountains in bolivia and my pack mule helped carry me all the way to the top of the mountains that weren’t named ‘mountains of madness’ for nothing i can tell you that much hail cthulhu and when i got to the top this old man-lady toad thing in his stripy cloak said “¬°eso es un burro agradable!” which means “That’s a nice ass!” again he could’ve been a woman but i didn’t mind because she was all scary and wrinkled and my ass was /so/ tired.

  3. and the moral of the story is,

    boys dominate?

    coz i think thats worth about 11 points

  4. John 5.26.2003

    “two exxes or one ex”

    That got a good laugh outta me. At one time I put it, “Y or Ynot”. I dig the chromosome humor.

    This post has been quite a deflection of my attention. Though I’m aware of Melly. She got humor by the balls and knows how to handle them. Then there’s Unxmaal. He makes evil fun. The other’s will have to get a reading in due time.

    Anyway, I think you know my feelings on the link at the start of the post. I am just a pinball bouncing about on the web and while I do have familiar circles, I don’t set arbitrary limits to what I read.

  5. The Fancy Llama 5.26.2003

    Purple dear, not orange.

    And I thought you knew me so well. But fair enough, as I am in a far and distant land, with no internet access nor a way to blog, where redundant phrases and repetetive clauses come in comments and afterthoughts.

    What was I talking about?

  6. melly 5.26.2003

    So then, why are you always asking me to insert things into my vagina?

    And from now on waistdog will be,”Patty”.

    Everybody wave to Patty!

  7. Jett 5.26.2003

    I’m sorry, necrophiliac clown porn-loving plagiarists will not be recognized in this forum….

    Unless they sing “Delta Dawn” while tapdancing naked and twirling an umbrella.

  8. RON 5.26.2003

    Feminine gender has its G spot, that attracts a male blogee to a blog site, similar to how a hot spot powers a Wireless Internet. In this context, I can not speak for the sisterhood. Nevertheless, a sexless society filled with eunuches and dikes, is not due until the next upgrade of Movable Type. The bigger question of pre-judging, whether the author of a blog has the proper software upstairs, based on his/her sex, is not a crime commited by any males that I know of. Perhaps I’m just too insensitive, not genital challenged, to have caught these cues. It’s more a matter of taste, of which blogs I find an affinity to, and aside from generally dividing genre into writers and linkers, comes the webblog’s content, or more precisely, the flavor of its content and the tone of the blogger’s virtual voice. You, grasshopper, sound so sweet. If the pictures are really of you, all the perverts out there want to die and come back as a woman. Ever since “Out of Africa” was written by a woman using the pen name Isak Dinesen, and the movie, “The Year of Dangerous Living,” won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Linda Hunt’s portrayal of a Jakarta man, I was under the impression that a woman’s credentials for arts and letters had reached some sort of maturity. On the contrary, the weaker sex is still haunted on the Web, today, by spiders of their own self-consciousness, ouch. Janeway, out.

  9. waistdog 5.27.2003

    Patty waves back to everyone.

  10. John 5.27.2003

    “You can call me Betty and betty when you call me you call me Al. LALALALA.”

    There are some that say there is a female X-spot too. Argh, Matey! Shiver me Timber! Ordaar on the poop deck! Full speed head! We’re soff to suaarch fer de Whi’ Woman! Monfera Dick! Quief Quiad! Pwepare to walk me flank!

    Hmmm, actually I’m sure it’s a female spot. They have all the spots. And what are we left with? (I’m not sure I can make this comment any stranger)


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