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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 29, 2003 || 8:17 pm

I’m trying the title ‘Honky Cracker Dixie Girl’ on for size. So far it’s pretty okay.

I love T-shirt Hell:

How could someone NOT find that funny? This shirt is the one I really have my eye on, however. Maxim was horribly apalled by it, spurring my need to have it further onward.

Stop being a prude, Maxim!

I read an article one time (I’ve picked and picked my brain to try and recall where and when, but the info is not forthcoming…are you surprised?) that quoted Mother Teresa as saying something along the lines of how she really didn’t like people all that much, but she was called to serve them. Now that is dedication to one’s mission, m’friends.

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  1. nettled 5.30.2003

    you’re lying. liar!

  2. Johnny T 5.30.2003

    The Momma T T-shirt is way, way cool. I would love to see you walking around Wall Mart in that thing with all your little ducklings.

  3. Jett 5.30.2003

    nettled: Yes! I am a liary liar-pantsed liar! An uberliar of gigunda lying proportions!

    But, in my defense, sometimes I am a stander, too.

    Q: How do you tell if someone on the InterWeb is lying??

    A: Their fingers are moving.

    Barber: Better than that, even, is my teeshirt that says FUCK ME (front) THEN LEAVE ME (back). I got it, in a roundabout way, from LeslieTheGreat.

    Yeah, that one goes over BIG.


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