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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 1, 2003 || 1:06 am

Ohhhh, some of the coincidences and ironies contained herein are simply mahhhhvelous. I give thee the analysis of the name behind the woman:

Literal meaning

"Pastry of God."


The sole sound that could be made by a mysterious blank-faced man found wandering the streets of Paris under appalling conditions, the name Jett was originally used ineffectually to refer to Belgians over 5"11′, before reinventing itself after an unfortunate court case.

Famous Jetts

1. Jett Tube, director of the new Bond movie, SILVERY DEATH-DOOM; first holder of the bewilderingly ritualistic office of Official Kerb-Trip-Overer;
2. Inspector Jett Jesus, co-writer of INDIANA JONES AND HALF-MAN HALF-BISCUIT GO HULA;
3. I Am Jett Staplegun-Frewsy, champion of the right to use some thing or other;
4. Jett Sponetote, disgusted by various messiahs later purchased by major world religions;
5. Jett Mapduster, belittler of between nine and fifteen scientific principles;
6. Jett Macaulay-Tidecatcher, DSO and Bar ("The Mighty"), early user of the Brass Nose;
7. Judge Jett B Cangoose, BSc, named in court as holding compromising material concerning a creature from the id; ghost-writer of Punchy Massive’s disgraceful autobiography, THREE PINTS TODAY, PLEASE;
8. Lady The Miss Jett Nightdodge, who’s never forgotten stout boots; first holder of the office of Hot Diggity;
9. Doctor Jett L Dots, first victim of a slightly famous TV chef whom they saw looking at cardigans in
Woolworth’s one time;
10. Jett Proms-Quoits, champion of mottled glass.

Typical Jett motto

"Can you hold this while I go to the toilet?"

Okay, decipher YOUR name.

5 worked it out »

  1. melly 6.1.2003

    Typical Melissa motto

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.”

  2. Jett 6.1.2003

    For real or are you just fudging?

    Because that’d be, y’know, weird after last night’s conversation.

  3. John 6.2.2003

    Literal meaning

    “Shall never be called on to join a student band.”

    Typical John motto

    “Death to the Skies.”

    Aye, those skies are up to no good.

  4. The Fancy Llama 6.2.2003

    Well, it seems that my literal meaning is “Satan.”


    And, my typical motto??

    “Neither a woman nor foreigner be.”


  5. melly 6.2.2003


    I thought you’d like that.


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