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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 12, 2003 || 1:24 pm

I’ve been saving this, but I keep forgetting to post it.

From : “Danny Clark” carpet@firework.org

Reply-To : carpet@firework.org

To : amazingjettgrrrl@hotmail.com

Subject : Link Sharing

Date : Thu, 1 May 2003 22:11:58 -0400

I was browsing the web and came across your website. I think that the content of our website is similar enough to yours that our visitors would benefit from us sharing links.

Therefore, I would like to make the proposal that we each put a link on our website to the other’s site. Hopefully, this will increase the traffic of both sites and provide interest to our readers.

If you are interested, send me the exact URL that you would like me to use and a 1-5 word description.

I intend to add it to the links page at http://www.rugs-direct.com/links which has a link from our homepage at http://www.rugs-direct.com.

Below is the information for my website:

Link Info: http://www.rugs-direct.com
Description: Area Rugs

For your convenience, here is the HTML Code: < a href="http://www.rugs-direct.com" >Area Rugs< /a >

Thank you for your time.

Danny Clark
Rugs Direct

I ask you, dear Superior Muffinasses, what the fuck does a commercial site peddling area rugs have to do with a site manned by a sometimes-drunken woman nicknamed, in turns, ‘Surly Mae Hatfield’ and ‘Boxcar Bertha’ (by one curmudgeonly friend) who spends any free time she might have pecking away at a keyboard in an attempt to find new and interesting ways to dress up the word ‘fuck’?

Is something escaping me here? Really. I mean it. Is there a weblog buried somewhere on that site that highlights carpet pr0n or tells stories of how Danny Clark beats the unholy piss-and-bile out of obstreperous customers? Did I spell ‘obstreperous’ correctly?

And even if I were remotely interested in linktrading with him, goes to show how much he knows. None of you people have taste enough to dress up a floor with a pretty hand-carved wool thing. I know you shuffle around your splintered, beercan-littered floors and are quite oblivious to the hideousness of them. Hell, you probably sleep there half of the time. Don’t crinkle your nose that way at me….

Danny Clark, you linkwhoring sonofabuck, I’m way off your target audience, but I admire your shmaltz. You’re welcome for the free, albeit temporary, traffic.

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  1. The Dane 6.12.2003

    I got one worded identically save for the name and the link I would be sharing. But maybe Danny-boy does know something about your predeliction for rugs….

  2. nettled 6.12.2003

    hating you and Danny Clark makes me all warm inside.

  3. Jett 6.12.2003

    Sending obscure ceedees with photos of Kirk Douglas on the cover to people who hate me makes me all warm inside.

    Dane: you promised to never talk about THAT!

  4. Sean 6.12.2003

    HA… theres carpet under my beer bottles…. somewhere…

  5. nettled 6.12.2003

    or maybe we’re all just peeing in our pants.


  6. Jett 6.12.2003

    nettled: I thought that was a given.

  7. delmer 6.12.2003

    you don’t want carr-pet…you want an air-ea rug!!!

  8. timato 6.13.2003

    you said ‘manned’. i don’t know if the word ‘womanned’ makes any sense.

  9. guy 6.13.2003

    Jett, dear–

    That ain’t schmaltz — that’s chutzpah.

  10. hitler was a rug muncher

  11. Jett 6.15.2003

    Funny, I heard quite the opposite.


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