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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 12, 2003 || 10:27 pm

I have meetings tomorrow. *sigh*

I thought I made it abundantly clear when I entered the workforce at age fourteen: NO MEETINGS! I hate people! I do not want to meet with them! It’s bad enough I have to shop alongside of them and breathe their same air and go to movies where they are a mere one or two seats away….NO! MEETINGS!

Why can’t I just be the eccentric, reclusive crazyrichbitch on the hill? Whyyyy?

And lest ye forget: No meetings. None.

Oh yeah, I finally got off my dead ass and updated the referrals page for your ‘nowayanyonesearchedthat‘ pleasure. I wish I could shake the hand of the person who googled ‘magic fat boobs’. That one made me laugh so hard that I just might have a fuckin’ hernia.

But what, pray tell, does ‘rad all loving dad syndrome God’ mean? Whaaaaaat? You people make me crazy, I swear. You and meetings.

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  1. RON 6.13.2003

    Boo!…I mean the kind of “boo” that is suppose to scare you–you so much unlike-Howard-Hughs recluse who has to work for a living among the huddled masses and take a whiff of the under arms of chipanzees who pick their noses and do not wash their hands after they relieve themselves in the public restroom. In your case especially, since you sit with your knees twenty-inches apart to give a pubic exhibition and lean-over just so that your clevage shows both from the upper and lower and from front and back. Shame on you. Sinner. Show me more. Don’t worry about the “people” part. They have no lives. Stay on frequency, Jett Superior, with me and a whole lot of other people. You can march to your own drummer some day. It just takes a while.

  2. waistdog 6.13.2003

    Or……you can come to meetings at my house.

  3. Leslie 6.13.2003

    Try living my life. I am in meetings atleast once a day and many days much more AND they are all idiots!!! How bout we move into an abandoned shack in the mountains together, I can paint, you can write, and the rest of the time we can discuss why people suck.

  4. Jettomatika 6.13.2003

    waisty and lesliethegreat: I have a feeling that meetings with both of you would require the use of the redbong and quite possibly, sharpie markers, both of which are heartily endorsed by me, you crazy kids!

  5. how can you hate people when some people are me? i absolutely adore me. have you *seen* my biceps? I’m gorgeous, intelligent, gifted, sensitive… oh man, people are great.

  6. Jett 6.17.2003

    Wretched D, people in general.

    You’re perfectly right: You ARE an exception.


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