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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 13, 2003 || 1:28 pm

I tell my kids all the time, and have since they were little, that this song and that song on various ceedees and radio stations were penned with me in mind. Ex: ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’, GnR version.

Proof positive that I’m not raising complete and total suckahs: My daughter looked at me levelly today, serious-faced, and pragmatically said, “Mom, people go to hell for lying, you know.”

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Yesterday, while in the car, Scout and I were going over (once AGAIN) the point-by-point reasons why she is not allowed to call boys. She and I were both calm and rational, which made my son’s noise of exasperation from the back seat all the more surprising.

SAM: “Sheesh, momma, it’s not like we live in the eighteen-hundreds!!”
JETT: “And lucky that, Samuel, because back then you could knock out every one of your smart-aleck son’s teeth without fear of reprisal.”

He suddenly ceased questioning my mothering skills. I’m not worried; his tune will change the first minute that one of his little monkeyboy friends confesses that ‘Maaaan, your sister is hot‘ and that they’d like to feel her up. It will happen, because ten-year-old Scout is already quite beautiful and little boys (God love ‘em) are that idiotically tactless, especially when hormonally charged.

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  1. John 6.14.2003

    A deft verbal switcheroo. Mucho Kudos!

  2. Johnny T 6.14.2003

    Jett: mother of the year.

  3. waistdog 6.14.2003

    1800’s indeed.

    Another couple of years, would see Scout married, and living out on the prairie.

    And I don’t think little boys EVER get beyond idiotically tactless.

  4. melly 6.14.2003

    Pattie is right. Good thing hot chicks love idiots.

  5. johnny tee!

    more like woman of the year.

    no, actually.

    (this competition excludes my mum)

  6. April Love 6.15.2003

    I officially decree that Scout can never grow up. It shall be.

  7. Angel 6.16.2003

    what waistdog said!

    And Melly too. Especially the second part. Lamentably the second part *sigh*


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