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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 16, 2003 || 9:17 pm

I’ve been feeling like I’m on the urge of being profound lately, but then I end up playing GTA: Vice City until all hours of the night, leaving darn little time to sleep and forcing me to consume toxic amounts of coffee to stay awake enough at my daily toils to prevent the management from noticing I’m being particularly extra-useless that day.

I’ve been thinking about “Kissing Friends” lately and have decided upon another character – a 42-year-old woman who looks 30, has a 23-year-old son, works as a translator by day and a dominatrix at night, but persists in dating nothing but abusive losers and low-lifes; seemingly helpless to exhibit any backbone in her personal life.

Yeah, she’s someone I know and she’s pissed me off and this is what happens to people who cross me: They become unwitting characters in songs and screenplays. One day, she’ll be sitting in a theatre and slowly sinking into her seat as realization comes over her like a bukakke session.

I’m sleepy and thus quite hostile. Be warned…

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  1. delmer 6.16.2003

    sleep is for the week.

    my life is pretty hollow and empty right now; sure there’s always hope…but let’s face it you can poop in one hand and hope in the other, and watch which one fills up first.

    ah well nothing like comptemplating major life changes while doing web searches for stuff like:

    “fruit bat in my pants”


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