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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 17, 2003 || 1:23 pm

Dave appears to be feeling a wee bit better. I just received an e-mail from him saying fuck off and die, wench, to which I responded NEVAH! I would not give you the sassifraction!

Further evidence as to why I have a straightgirl crush on Lauroid, the affectionate nod to pink notwithstanding:

I’ve always said, that if I had stupid money, rather than a Hummer or a Rolls Royce I’d get a dump truck. You know, the kind with the chrome sides. Then I’d paint the non-chrome parts pink. And drive around ramming other people who did stupid things.

How could you NOT love a person that says things like that?

Wendy now has comments. I, for one, am gladder’n hell. So many times I have read her site and just yelled at my monitor, “Wendy, you outrageously lovable bitch, getchoo some comments, for I have witty things to say in rejoinder!” It’s all about the false sense of community, man.

Apparently waistdog has been having many fine adventures while sporting the red Piggly Wiggly shirt I sent him. See? If you were one of my beloved Muffinasses I could bring joy to your lifeless existence, too. I require nothing but blind loyalty in times of crisis and a mighty sense of glee. I’m all about shining my light, people.

And oh yeah, if you ‘blog’, or if you are a regular reader of ‘blogs’ read this. It should be our manifesto.

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  1. - i am glad he said wench. that word is possibly the greatest thing Dad ever taught me

    - please send me some free stuff:

    Richard D. Bartlet

    17 Davis Gr


    New Zealand

  2. laura 6.17.2003

    i always did like to run over the matchbox cars with the tonka trucks. and real metal ones too. none of that pussy plastic crap. my brother had a tonka car carrier. that bastard must have been 3 feet long.

  3. John 6.18.2003

    I liked that manifesto that’s the kind of stuff I love to hear.

  4. Jett! 6.18.2003

    John: Yeah, Jane’s a pretty nifty gal.

    Lauroid: And it must have been like ten-THOUSAND pounds. My sister had a whole fleet of full-size Tonka vehicles that she washed and waxed on a weekly basis, I shit you not.

    Wretched: I love you, but it doesn’t work that way; you must express a definite interest in something and I, being the perceptive and giving person I am, will then address that interest.

  5. Kate S. 6.18.2003

    That was an excellent manifesto and I wish Blogspot was working so I could put it on my blog as well. I’m getting so weary of all these so-called “expert’s” “rules”.

    Am I still in high school? Did I miss a few fucking decades, or what?

    Wow! I love this comment box! A purple bomb! Like Nehi Grape Soda, spurting out some snickering nose! Ha!

  6. i did. my interest is in the FREE stuff. so would you, please, send me some.


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