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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 23, 2003 || 1:03 pm

JETT’S FRIEND’S VOICE MAIL: I’m not answering the phone blahblah; Jett, I know it’s you, blahblah (okay, that part was unspoken, but still); something funny that makes Jett laugh blahblah; BEEP!

JETT: Welp, I’m heading to see the Irritable Chinese Guy and I just knew you’d want to come along.

Then I proceeded to put the call on hold instead of hanging it up (whoopsies!), which my pal tells me later leaves him straining through five minutes’-worth of ‘hold silence’ to hear the Irritable Chinese Guy and Jett having an exchange which will surely to Pete be something of great comic proportions.

Serves you right for not taking my call, fucko.

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  1. The Fancy Llama 6.23.2003

    I know I am a few posts late for this, but HEY!! Jack!! I live in Tucson too. Way to live in a sucky town man.


  2. The Fancy Llama 6.23.2003

    I suck.

  3. why on earth would a Chinese Guy be Irritable? he gets to wear those cool hats.

  4. Keith 6.24.2003

    You’re not referring to my phone call, are you?

    The one that went blah blah blah, FUCK, I think I recorded over the original message, blah blah blah again BEEP?

    Because I didn’t get to hear any irritable Chinese Guy.

    Which leaves me to conclude that you MUST in fact be talking about a different situation, and also that it could do you some good to pick up your telephone manual to figure out how these things work. :)

  5. nettled 6.24.2003

    this post was merely adequate.

  6. stone 6.24.2003

    i’m irritable but not chinese, what does that make me?

  7. fucko 6.24.2003

    not a fucko, that’s for sure.

  8. stone 6.24.2003

    thanks for clearing that up.

  9. Jett 6.24.2003

    Merely adequate?

    Don’t you mean ‘adequate to the task’?

    Please elucidate.

    AND KEITH: THANK YOU EVERSO MUCH for lending further proof of my idiocy to Cyberia. You, sir, are a PAL!

  10. Keith 6.24.2003

    I love you, Jett! O:)

  11. waistdog 6.25.2003



    You’re all cultured and stuff.


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